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My First VFX Showreel

My First VFX Showreel

by xannot on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

I had a lot to learn, and "The Rookie" is a great way for me to improvise. I left one more year before graduating and I look forward with a better showreel.

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Hi! I am Leonard and this is my first VFX Showreel. Currently I would say I am a Generalist and still finding a particular skill to specialize in. Please fill free to feedback on my work, as I continue to strive and improve.

This is my matte painting shot, this was the first time I uses 3D tracking and planer tracking to implement a whole scale of matte painting into a real live footage. It was done in 2 weeks, many of the technical issue surface on the first week but as it goes by, implementing the artistic side became smoother.

I modeled this spaceship for a group project back in 2019, I browse through Sketchfab and model it with eye observation. I had many scaling problems as I was having difficulty modelling without a blueprint. This was suppose to be implemented it for a live footage, later on I was advised that the spaceship looked like it was made more for games, because its was not smooth and the overall details of it just looks pretty "game-mish".

This was my first procedural assignment, I design these streets according to our city real estate. I modeled 4 simple buildings and some props, uses color ID and created many parameters to control the location of the structures.

This dynamic and simulation was inspired from the movie "The Great Wall" ,  except the rocks were hitting the castle's wall instead of monsters. Initially I wanted to use voronoi destruction, but I faced some interface problems with the castle wall, so I tried another method, which is to multi cut it, which is why the castle has many scratches. I tried to spin the rocks by inserting a rotating expression, but it doesn't seem like it work out well. 

I modeled the layout of this bedroom and downloaded the assets. This was our lighting and rendering assignment, so I did many tests with Arnold lighting, especially photometric and mesh lights. Observing references in different bedroom, on where bounce light could possibility occur, the kind of shadows it will cast and how different materials react with it.

This was a serious test on photorealism. I initially wanted to choose something crazy like a dragon fruit or pineapple, but I came to the realization that this will be my first organic modeling, in the end I choose something simpler like a Lime. My friends and I, borrowed a lightbox from our school and uses it to capture the Lime's texture, I brought all those texture together and wrap it in Photoshop. I did some simple sculpting in Maya and render it with 4 area light. (Above is the rendered Limes except for the one at the front, bottom is the reference)

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