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La Cage aux colibris

La Cage aux colibris

by carolinevignal on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Showing my final project about a fantasy theme where the monsters are the nice guys and the humans the mean ones

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The project introduced below is an exam about a worldbuilding around the fantasy theme. The constraint was the monsters are the nice guys and the humans the mean ones. 

In my final project, I build my story around a human society which won long ago a war against the monsters. I made a human protagonist who is considered a disabled. Among the humans, some of them can use magic but my main character is unable to do it. The monsters planned to kidnap a human for their rights, but they picked up the wrong guy, Helmut. This latter will finally joins the monsters and fight for their cause ...

We have to draw and introduce three characters from our plot, three different places, and a illustration showing an action with at least one character in one of the backgrounds

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