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DISCONNECT - Realtime Dance Film BTS

DISCONNECT - Realtime Dance Film BTS

Behind the scenes of our work in process Dance Short. Rendered and shot in UE4. All the team members put in collective effort.

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I'd like to show some behind the scenes / making of footage of a currently running project. The film itself is not finished yet so I cannot share that work yet, I did include a preview video. The BTS is still interesting though!

The film's title is 'Disconnect' and it will be a 4 minute short film. It is designed to run realtime with the help of Unreal Engine 4.

 During shooting we built a setup to record mocap and a virtual camera at the same time, we did this to make the process as similar as possible to how live action movies are made in order to streamline the process for the rest of the crew. 

The system we built was composed of the HTC Vive 2.0 lighthouses and x-sens motion capture suits. Since these do not cummunicate with one another we used the vive tracker pucks as a workaround. We placed a total of three pucks on the actual camera, and on the backs of our two dancers. Using Autodesk Motionbuilder we linked the motion capture rigs and the camera to the pucks. This way the positions of the dancers to each other and the camera always stayed absolute in the virtual set. 

Together with a small production design team we blocked out the virtual set in real life. This was great reference for the dancers and the DoP. We measured everything very carefully to match the position of the actual set as close as possible with the position of the virtual set. 

While I can't show the final result. Here is a preview of what we have now. 

The virtual set is inspired by authentic rooms which you can find alongside the canals in Amsterdam. Below is a process view of the virtual room.

Working hard to get it finished!

~ N.

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