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Paulina Rybakaite - Creature Modelling Portfolio 2020

Paulina Rybakaite - Creature Modelling Portfolio 2020

Paulina Rybakaite
by paulinarybakaite on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hi! I am Paulina Rybakaite and I am a second-year student at the University of Hertfordshire and this is my 2020 work portfolio!

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'A lost deer'

This piece was inspired by Beth Cavener's traditional sculptures and Maria Panfilova's digital sculptures. I wanted to experiment with the texture of the sculpt (tried to convey the roughness and elegance of the traditional brush stroke) and portray the contrary between dynamic energy and porcelain stiffness.

'A White-faced capuchin monkey'

I created this model as part of a university project - short VFX film 'Fusspot'. I started off with a skeleton which I based on photogrammetry and I built the body on top of it making sure it is anatomically correct.

I was responsible for the model, blendshapes and shot-sculpting. 

For this project, I built a big image collection as I was improving the model. I did a separate reference moodboard of expressions as it was useful when creating blendshapes.


Velociraptor dinosaur model with stylised elements. 

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