My Demo Projects

My Demo Projects

by anna176 on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Here are a few of my demo projects I worked on during my time at PIXL VISN media arts academy in 2019/2020.

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The idea behind this project was to create a realistic looking town with old german half-timbered houses and give it a unique fantasy look by experimenting with different lighting. 

To achieve this look I created a basic lighting in Maya and pushed it much further in NUKE. 

For the daytime lighting and comp setup it was challenging to create a fantasy look that wasn’t too extreme or too simple. Finding that balance between too much color correction or too little made these daytime images very time consuming to create.

By slightly borrowing colors from a sunset color palette I was able to achieve a look that in the end I was very happy with. 

Although they had their own set of challenges, the nighttime images were very enjoyable to work on.
From the start, I wanted to have a green color palette which felt green but didn’t overwhelm the viewer. Hitting the right tones that looked green but didn’t look color corrected was difficult but at the same time very fun to play with in NUKE.
As with all my setups, I have separated everything in Maya so that later in NUKE I could have full control over the shadow colors, midtone colors, etc.
To achieve this, I rendered my lighting setup onto a simple Lambert shader in Maya which I later turned into an alpha channel in NUKE and used it to color correct.

lit_a (the environment lighting)
lit_b (the lamps split in groups into R.G.B.)
lit_c (the lighting inside the houses also split into R.G.B.)

Additional layers would be: beauty, sky, occ, depth, vol, glass, ref, lots of mattes, etc.

The sunset setup was just something that I did for fun at the end. By this point I started to have a good understanding of NUKE and thought why not try to have some fun and do something a bit crazy with it. Maybe it’s a little too much but I really like it. :)

After spending most of my demo time creating fantasy images, I thought it would be nice to try and do something realistic.. or kind of realistic! :)

I took the design from Piper Thibodeau (Teahistoric Tearex) which is very fantasy and tried to give it a realistic look. 

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