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by jeonghunbang on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

It's a dragon called Smaug which is in The Hobbit

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Hi! My name is JeongHun Bang. This is my first project that I created at SF filmschool. It is a Smaug which is in the movie called The Hobbit. I hope you like it!

I am a student in Korea studying 3d graphics. I never had any experience with 3d programs before however I wanted to study the facinating field of 3d graphics on my own and have a job.

As my portfolio, It is a dragon called Smaug which is standing on the peak of mountain with blowing snow

I wanted to show off a big creature for my portfolio. Dragon seem suitable.

I am not into Hobbit or The Lord of the ring series, but I thought Smaug in the movie was a great reference for my work

 The Workflow of my work was, first, making a shape by sculpting in Zbrush.

Then I re-topologized the unclean surfaces in 3dcoat.

 The Next step was unfolding UV with RizomUV, as Zbrush UV functions are not good enough for complex model. I prefer Rizom's unfolding function that is better than other tools. I needed my UV seams to be in the right spot because the model in the final image was to be animated.

 And I imported back to Zbrush to add detail with Alpha brush.

The final step on Zbrush was exporting the details into Displacement map.

 I textured the dragon in Mari by using diverse map like Displacement and mask.

 I used knald which is able to make diverse map automatically

 The last step on my workflow was shading and rendering. I imported my model to Maya and rendered it with V-ray.

Tool : Maya, Zbrush, 3dcoat, RizomUV, Knald, Mari, V-ray, Nuke, Megascans

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