Game Environment/Prop Art Portfolio

Game Environment/Prop Art Portfolio

Abigail Bevilacqua
by abevilacqua on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Here is a collection of work I did during my Game Art degree and since graduating. I have continued to learn more techniques and software such as Substance Designer and work on personal projects.

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Planet Morxia Diorama
My final specialism project for my Game Art degree. 

Some breakdowns of the assets for Planet Morxia 

Egyptian Ruins - Trim-sheet challenge. 

Hosted by the NMG discord, I was awarded first place. The challenge was to make a scene or diorama using one trim sheet as much as possible. 

MeetMAT 2 Entry | Mr Baluba. 

Substance Designer Materials 

Since finishing my degree I have been learning how to use Substance Designer to make my own materials for personal projects. 

The following materials I made recently for a project I am currently working on. They will be used as landscape materials apart from the algae which will be used within a vertex painting material for on water. 

The Long Dark - Fan Art - Props 

I am a huge fan of the game and their art style. My aim was to see if I could recreate their style in terms of modeling and texturing; this gave me an opportunity to try something stylized/hand painted.

All credits to Hinterland who created The Long Dark and inspired this fan art. 

Prop Specialism | Pool Table & Accessories

The Fallen Crown - Props 

These are the props I worked on for a group project, inspired by The Last of Us, during my Game Art degree. 

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