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So Far

So Far

by ARA on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

The presented works here are from a collection of my projects done before and during my studies so far at the New3dge Concept art School.

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This first entry was done as an assignment for a character design course in New3dge. I came up with the characters being inspired by Esmeralda and her goat in Hugo's The Hunchback of Notre dame. The story is set in a fantasy world. I look forward to picking this project up again and take it further with a storyboard, some keyframes, and assets in the near future. 


Taking the main storyline of the Waterworld movie as an inspiration, the 'wet' part, I explored a similar world while practicing different styles and tools like 3dcoat.  

Here is a stylised stilt house to begin with.

Props: Cookwares of WaterTown

Here are some makeshift cutting tools belong to the kitchens of this world. Decent cookwares are essential.

Boats of the WaterTown

Ship Burial Ceremony

This was my entry for the New3dge art test. The brief was about a Viking heroine who says farewell to his brother who was killed in the war.


Part of an assignment project. Blender was used for the 3d block out.


Here are some more stylised ones done in PS. 

The first one is based on a reference photo of mine. The second one is a virtual plain air painting, and the third one is a character illustration named 'Tough guy conundrum'.

The two bellows are original paintings done on iPad in Procreate.

Ink and Charcoal

And some drawings to close this entry with. Cheers!

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