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Character Art

Character Art

Fernando Estrela
by fernandoestrela on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

A collection of my personal work.

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A recent personal project, a model of Batman ready for video games.

"Spartan Helmet"

This is a FanArt of a Spartan Helmet from the video game Metro Exodus. My goal was to improve my skills modeling hard surfaces with Zbrush. I hope you like it!

"Victorian Dress - Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter FanArt"

Hi there! I wanted to improve my skills making complex clothes in Mavelous Designer and what better way than based on one of my favorite video game sagas: the Sherlock Holmes saga developed by Frogwares. I have made a video game-ready FanArt of Alice and Katelyn's dresses from their most recent adventure: The Devil’s Daughter. I hope you like them as much as I enjoyed making them!

"Japanese Feudal Bandit"

This character is part of a challenge. I wanted to know what I am able to create in 2 days. After 42 hour of non-stop work this is result. 


This was the final work I made for the Florida Replay's Master degree of Art for AAA video games. Thank you very much to all my teachers for allowing me to learn from you.  Thanks also for guiding me and supporting me in my goal to become a character artist. Thank you also to all who have given me feedback to get a better result. 

"Anatomy Study- Female and Male"

This is an anatomy practice I made to improve my knowledge and skills in anatomy sculpting.

"Sci-Fi Environment (UE4)"

This old sci-fi spaceship was my first experience with UE4. The objective was to create complexity using as few pieces as possible, so several of them are re-used from different angles. 

"Robin Hood"

This was a project from the master degree I studied. I hope you like it!

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