JP 3D Motion Design

JP 3D Motion Design

Jia Peng Zhu
by kingsonjp26 on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

I came from a film directing background. During my bachelor i was fascinated by the visuale possibilities. So thats why i starded to learn motion graphics , then move to 3d software such cinema 4d, houdini fx . As a artist or director i wanna create my own style of art, something fresh, fancy and crazy.

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The first project that I'd like to present to you is PEPSI, because its one of my favorite soft drink. This project means a lot to me, it is my very first project, that i have completely done by my own with my ideas and style.  I did the concept, quote, script, modeling, texturing, lighting, animation compositing. For this project i used cinema 4d, redshift, photoshop, illustrator, after effects. The video is down below, hope u guys like it :)

This music video was inspired by Will I Am feelin myself. I did the corma key and motion graphics the transiction as well. This project was my first mv and it was quite interesting and funny. This project is completely done in after effects. 

This could be the next animation project. Christian Louboutin is know for their fashion and shoes. I thought, why not do a completly new direction. The fashion label supreme created last year their own red cookies. I think it would be cool having a sip of fashion. I call it the BLACK MINT LIMITED EDITION. I design it in photoshop and then created the can in cinema 4d octane.

This work is in progress. It is my goal to create a fancy watch animation. I created the watch in cinema 4d, octane, photoshop and illustrator. The reason why i am not done yet with animation is, i try to add Houdini in my vfx pipline.

The last project i want to present is my short film called Experiment. It was my very first short film and my first octane render. It took me 25 days to render this 1:20 short film on my laptop without pause. This project was inspired by a Tutorial on Youtube (How to Make a Blackhole in Cinema 4D). Then i starded to create a story around it.  The production took me 3 month and rendering around 1 Month. I did the whole film by myself, it was fun but also sometimes very frustrating when you first time mess around with particles and animation. This film i made it in cinema 4d octane, x-prticles, after effects. 

Down below you will find my Showreel 2020, it includes all off these project. 

I started Motion Desgin in 2018. I know i got a lot of issues in my project. It is always good to point out the problems. So don´t be afraid to tell me, the issues i have got. I would love to hear it, so that i can improve myself faster.  

Stay healty during the corona pandemie, cheers everyone :)

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