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Nicholas Asrawe - Rookies Entry 2020

Nicholas Asrawe - Rookies Entry 2020

Nicholas Asrawe
by nicholasasrawe on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

My name is Nicholas Asrawe, I'm a student at CDW Studios in Adelaide, South Australia, and I've been drawing all of my life. I have 3 projects I've worked on this year for my 2020 Rookies Contest entry, which showcase my abilities with colour, design and composition. I hope you enjoy my work.

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MOTHER 3 Anniversary Poster


With the MOTHER 3 Anniversary coming up, I set out to create something that highlighted certain parts of the game and its story. 

I decided to make a drawing that encapsulated the tone of the story while being very dramatic and dynamic about it. I imagined the image to be very movie poster-like, with the heroes in the front, in an unfamiliar and intense environment, with the bad guys towering over them. 

PK Dancing


This is a piece I worked on to experiment my abilities with colour, and set out to design an image filled with various vivid lights and colouring. 


Original Work

DUSK is a comic about a girl who gets caught up in a world-ending plot while searching for her missing sister.

DUSK is a passion project of mine that I have been working on and off with for about 7 years, and plan to finally complete it in 2020-2021.

My goal with this poster is to establish the three main characters, their personalities and their roles in the story. To the right is Dia, a beautiful and intelligent woman with great ambitions and visions for the world. On the left is Dawn, an intelligent and kind woman who has gone missing without a trace. At the bottom is Luna, a determined, lone wolf and younger sister of Dawn. 

The story takes place 16 years after Dawn went missing, Luna has spent the last few years trailing why Dawn is being hunted down and why she went missing in the first place... Her clues lead her towards the famous figure Dia.

The unusual colouring in this picture is meant to deliver a specific feeling in each part of the image. Dawn losing her colour is meant to symbolize that she's out there somewhere, but she's struggling immensely. The gemstone in the palms of Dawn's hands is strange on purpose, and the colours deliver an otherworldly feeling in the image. Dia's colours are very cold and icy, with her bright crystal-like eyes tunneling on what she's set her sights on. Luna's is coloured and full of life, symbolizing her strong determined will to keep going, despite the world around her losing colour. 

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