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3D Game Production Assets

3D Game Production Assets

Samuel Frost
by brimstonebeard on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

This is a collection of assets I created for Rooftop Renegade by Melonhead Games. A company I co-founded while at university with other students. I learnt a lot working on this project. From a full character pipeline, to working with a team to integrate design choices, and the many problem solving hurdles of game dev. Team members Alex Ferrabetta and Patrick Webb.

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Being a part of an indie project that began during university with other students was a challenging experience, as there were many things to learn and integrate on the fly.

A huge benefit is that I had a chance to build a lot of skills on a broad spectrum and understand what it might be like in a professional environment.

Characters sculpted in ZBrush, retopologised in Maya and taken through Substance Painter.

Rigging in Akeytsu with some simple Blendshape expressions done in ZBrush.

Most hard surface work done in Maya.

Marmoset breakdown renders and a couple UE4 scene renders (look dev and shaders also set up by myself).

Background buildings in UE4 scene renders were done by Alex Ferrabetta.

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