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The Hepatitis B Virus

The Hepatitis B Virus

Darcy John
by darcyjohn on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

A medical visualisation short of the Hepatitis B virus entering a liver cell (brief set by Random 42).

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This is a medical visualisation of Hepatitis B entering the liver and multiplying once inside. The brief and initial research for this project was kindly provided by Random 42 ♥ The production, rendering and editing of the short took one semester and all of the assets are created from scratch. 


Maya/Arnold- Environment models, shaders, Animation, Lighting and Rendering

MASH - Tentacle and particle simulations

Zbrush - Virus Sculpt

Substance Painter - Texturing

Premiere Pro - Editing


Initial Environment Concept >  Texture and Lighting  > MASH simulations and lookdev > Grading

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