Alec Tucker - Environment Art for Games

Alec Tucker - Environment Art for Games

Alec Tucker
by atucker on 7 Apr 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

I chose the pieces out of my portfolio that best displayed my strengths within 3D Art, specifically within Environment Art for Games. I believe in telling a story that the viewer can follow with each environment I make, and I hope I accomplished that with my current works.

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Spring Creek - Game Environment

Spring Creek was a project that involved all aspects of Environment Art. I was responsible for all aspects, specifically modeling and texturing organic and hard surface objects, shader creation in unreal, scene layout, lighting, blueprinting gameplay elements like the flashlight pictured in the first person gameplay, etc. I wanted to try my hand at as many different aspects of environment art as I possibly could in an attempt to learn more and get better at anything I can.

Desert Hut - Game Scene

This was a project I made to further my knowledge of Unreal Engine by making props and environmental elements.

Sword - Game Scene

I got into a groove of making smaller quicker scenes with strong visual appeal, mainly to expand my skills of telling a story through as little information as possible.

Cabin - Game Scene

This scene was created to get an understanding of strong composition and minimal assets. I only used one tree, one bush, and the Cabin as models.

Greenhouse - Game Scene

And finally, my oldest piece in here. I still like this piece because of how simple but effective it is. The foliage leads the eyes where it needs to go and the lighting is not distracting.

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