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Romy Cools - 3D Entry

Romy Cools - 3D Entry

Romy Cools
by romy on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hi! I'm Romy Cools! First year student at DAE, and wanted to show my progress and stuff I made during the year in 3D.

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Oldsmobile 442 w-30

This assignment was to become better in 3D high poly and to learn about Arnold materials, lights and rendering. I chose this car because I wanted to recreate a car that I think is awesome and also has a bit of a challenge for me.

This car is modelled and textured  in 3dsMax, renderd in Arnold & made some bumpmaps and stickers in Photoshop.

For this assignment we didn't had to model the back of the car or the inside, but I had so much fun modelling it, so I did it anyway!

A vintage polaroid

This project focuses primarly on the modeling. It's one of my first 3D high poly models. Didn't know how to add materials back then, but  tried to add some color by adding the coloruful rainbow sticker & a bit of a nice old vintage render.


I went for 2 month two Nepal, And for my first 3D lowpoly exam we had to make a cityscene. So I decided to gather all my pictures and I made Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. It's a big and various city and I tried to reproduce it as much as possible within this small scene. You have the tourist streets "Thamel", with the shops, the rooftop restaurants and the cute flags. You can also find many temples in Kathmandu, I represented the monkey temple. And if you look good, you find some quiet places, like the famous cemetery "pashupatinath". 

I modelled this in 3ds Max and made the the textures in Photoshop.

A kids toy

When I saw during the holiday there was a Rookie Weekly Challenge, I jumped right into it! So I chose a kids toy where I used to play with when I was little: Playmobil. I modelled this in 3ds Max, and the first time I used Arnold for materials. I used Arnold as well to render and for my lighting. The post production I did was in Photoshop.

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