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Wayward Emissary Collection

Wayward Emissary Collection

Shenna Mae Padayao
by Will von jess, brook eilers, and shennamp on 6 Apr 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Short collection of surreal things within the real world. From the tiny, to the huge, to the man made.

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Absence: Independent Project

Responsible for: all aspects

Programs: Arnold, Maya,Substance Painter, Mari, Nuke

Classroom scene inspired by my adventures through abandoned school on isolated Hong Kong islands, and the renown TIK TIK haunted school. Wanted to create a beautiful scene mixed with nostalgia and sadness, of a place familiar and lost in memory. Studying tiny details of wear and decay, to shared the experience of exploring with people who have never done so before.

DarkShore: Collaboration with Will Von Jess and Brooke Eilers

Responsible for: Lead Look Dev, Concept Art

Programs: Arnold, Houdini, Zbrush

My team and I wanted to create a mystical place that could be possibly found within the real world. Many time saving things were used to optimize this render, from procedurally made caustics intergrated in post, and fain rain bows added in using Z-depth passes. Fully procedural textures were used to create the environment.

Mycolumination: Independent Project

Programs: Arnold, Maya, Mari, Nuke, Photoshop

Referenced many species of mushrooms such as bolates, death cap and agarisus - and found that some species glow. And each of these species glow in different ways- some faintly, others only with glowing stems, other luminescence in solely the gill areas.

After narrowing the brightest species, I studied mostly Japanese Mycena Lux-Coeli mushrooms for inspiration. Since they were so small, limited to only fluorescent green glows, and rather plain in daylight, research was done on different species of sea nettles.

Sea nettle research provided insight on how one could paint patterns on a mushroom-like object. Reference photographs helped display how light could travel through partially transparent layers.

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