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by whoski on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Filament is the story of a man made of light filaments and his escape from captivity.

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Filament is the story of a man made of light filament who escapes from a lantern.  

The film is made using Unreal Engine 4. Choosing Unreal for this project gave me full real time control of the lighting and cameras. It also let me render 4K iterations of the film in real time. 

I took full advantage of Sequencer in Unreal. I used it to add custom light animation, animate emission parameters, animate cameras, and edit together the film. I also used it to import animated Alembic data from Maya.

The character in this film was inspired by wire figures that I made when I was a kid. I never like action figures, because their movement was too uniform and restricted. I felt the same way about the character in this film. He needed to be humanlike, but not restricted.

Early Sketches and Concepts were heavily inspired by gesture drawing. However, Most of my modeling was based on a practical model that I made from wire.

The assets for the film were modeled in Maya and textured using Substance and Quixel Megascans.

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