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Diner Siege

Diner Siege

by spiralferret on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

This is my 3 weeks development project from the level design class at the Academy of art university. In the game, a group of soldier will try to survive the zombie outbreak in a 1950 American valley town.

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I love zombie movies and also interested in American's culture, so I decided to create a level about zombie outbreak in a 1950 American valley town. The main pieces of this level consist of 1. The American Diner, 2. a residental area and lastly the sloped commercial area and the grand hotel that I got an inspriation from the San Francisco city and Golden Gate Bridge.


The story of the game will tell by a small crew of difference characters, I added differnce poses and some low-poly static mesh on the basic mannequin, give them more personality and seperate them from each other.

The whole layout of the valley town with some basic buildings and vehicles.


This game including a number of gameplay mechanics, player can interact with items and some NPC, grab the axe to chop some trees and also fight the zombies, barricade the windows and heal themselves with berries.

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