Surreal Trip.

Surreal Trip.

by creatingonmars on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

This title sequence is a video collage that brings my love for literature and motion graphics together. Based on my favourite novel by Isabel Allende, this video collage takes us on an adventure across several locations from the book in a seamless loop.

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Video collage made using 3D tools in After Effects. The storyline revolves around Maya Vidal, who is a fictional character in a novel by Chilean author Isabel Allende. In this tribute, we visit three main locations of the story: Las Vegas, Chiloe and a Desert. I also made an infinite video loop for my social media.

The images, textures and audio used have a CC0 licence. The colour-grading among other stylistic effects was done using the plugins provided by Red Giant.

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