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Delilah - Game Character Design

Delilah - Game Character Design

Odele Snowson
by snowdele on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Droopy breasts, flabby arms. Don't let her outset fool you. Those pipes aren't just for smoking. And her "fruity" shots are deadly. Delihah was passionately married until the evilDOers of the very institution she's hunting after took her husband. Process work can be found at

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Was passionately married.

Husband was killed by the very institutional evils that she's hunting down NOW.

Her arms may be flappy, and her glasses may fool you to think she's approachable, but oh be warned.

And do not be fooled by her pipes as smoking only devices. 

Note her name in biblical reference.

My first character design, inspired by portrait painted in Digital Painting class.

I also see Delilah as future me in a particular dark timeline.

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