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The Art of Bernardo Mónico

The Art of Bernardo Mónico

Bernardo Carreira Mónico
by benmonico on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Here's my (late) entry to Rookie Awards 2020. I graduated last September in Games and Multimedia, but unfortunetaly most of my university projects were not good enough to be displayed in my portfolio. So I spent these last months working and doing projects that I felt were challenging for me.

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Mutu, the cavemammoth is a project I did while attending the Look Development for Stylized Characters with Greg Hettinger. Original concept from Cory Loftis. 

"Octosushi" is the name of the project I did after. Had so much fun doing this one. A concept by Mitch Leeuwe

Then, my humble entry on the Peaky Blinders contest, "Timmy". Based on a variety of concepts and references

And lastly "Amélia". This is a project that I'm still working on and there's still much to work on, especially the roughness. Although it's not finished, I think it's still worth a mention since it's my first time doing every single aspect of a character, from high poly to rig and blendshapes. Soon enough she will be ready for animation

Thanks for stopping by :D

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