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Jasmine Allan

Jasmine Allan

Jasmine Allan
by jasmineallan on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

A selection of my work over the past year as a year 2 Games Art student at Escape Studios.

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Angel statue I created in Zbrush and textured in substance painter as part of my Resident Evil group project. Base stone material and dress created for me by my teammate Matt Humphrey

Piano I created as part of a my resident evil group project. This was created in Maya and textured in Substance Painter. 

Lion based on the Landseers lions in Trafalgar square I created as part of a three week specialism project. The brief for this was to create a prop from a Resident Evil 3 DLC that was based in London. I wanted to improve my character art skills and so decided to recreate these iconic lions. 

This was the first project I made this year at Escape Studios, a mobile game called Gravity. I created all of the assets in the scene and coded this level using blueprints. For this project I wanted to try doing a low-poly style of art as I am very interested in cartoon like and low poly styles of 3D and would like to spend more time creating assets like these.

Set in an alternate universe where man made it to a mysterious mars like planet in the 1950's, a team of elite astronauts are in the process of  colonising this strange planet. The team has been hit by the start of a deadly sandstorm; they must evacuate to their rocket and fly back home to avoid catastrophe. With the rest of the team already safely on the rocket, the player has become trapped on the other side of the base by a malfunctioning airlock. They must act quickly, and make their way back to the rocket for evacuation; picking up important research items such as plant samples, crates of supplies and oxygen tanks. If they do not make it in time they will be left on the red planet alone and in danger. 

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