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Portfolio 2020

Portfolio 2020

 Océane BLAIN
by oceaneblain on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

here you will find several personal projects that I realized but also elements of my end of study chacana film

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the suitcase, I wanted to do this project in order to model from real photos. I chose this theme because i like to travel. 

I realized this project in 2nd year and I worked it this year in order to improve it. 

Other small personal project, Imade a cartoon car in the middle of a move.  We can find in my environment project below. 

here are some elements of the project i'm working on righ now. My end of study film "chacana" wich i make in a group. For this project I realized the DA. 

I present you Awila our main character I realized the 2D concept , its rig and its textures. My friends Eddy Breuillot  and Suvidya Burgess. the cloth are realized by Caroline Fayolet  and the animation by Alexandre Villancher 

I present you Inti our second main character. I realized the rig, te texture and the 2D concept. Caroline Fayolet realized the cloth. Suvidya Burgess and Alexandre villancher the animation and Eddy breuillot modeling and blendshapes. 

here the chacana, the main object of our film! It is through this item that our characters are able to use their magic. 

here are the secondary characters from the film. Magic pots representing the elements of nature. I realized the 2D concept and texturing and lighting. Eddy Breuillot realized modeling and blendeshapes. 

here are some image of the environment of the project that I realized with the help of Suvidya Burgess and Caroline Fayolet for certain elements. I also realized the texturing of this environment and lighting.

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