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This Is My Story - My Progression

This Is My Story - My Progression

Maximilian Pelldén
by maxpellden on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Through good and bad times, sun and rain. This is what creating computer based images have ment to me through out the years. I´m Maximilian Pelldén a first year archviz student and this... This Is My Story!

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This is my story-My Progression!


I´m Maximilian, a 21 year old Archvizer from Sweden. I have created different forms of "visualizations" for a really long time but it was always a form follows function sort of deal. If there was a problem I found a solution, if I had an idea, I found a way to make it happen, even though I had nobody to ask for help or no clear direction on how to do things the "propper" way.

I did my own thing and that was good enough! That is the way I have lived my whole life, just doing my own thing... That's what I'm here to bring to the scene, something different and something me. ;)

As mentioned earlier I started my archviz journey a long time ago, maybe at the age of 13, with Minecraft. While my friends focused on how to get the most diamonds or blowing things up with TNT, I was focusing on were the stairs would fill the room the best or how to make a realistic living room.

From there I moved on to sketchup and besides creating the most bezarre houses you can imagine ( which by Max 15 y/o standards was super sleek) I also started to help my dad with some real actual construction projects. It was mostly things like "but if we move this wall, how would that look?" or "will we fit another desk in that corner?"  At that point it had nothing to do with realism or looking good, I worked with visualisation as a tool to both help my dad get a better understanding for the space in a plane 2d drawing and to bring life to my thoughts, ideas and imaginations.

So jumping to my second year of high school... I was going to the school of my dreams. 6 hours from home. A special athlete program High school with mountain biking on the schedule, it was going to be the best time of my life!

Remember the part about always doing things my own way? For someone with Autism and ADD it isn't always a choice to do things their own way. Of course being yourself is a great thing most of the time but once in a while it can be a good thing to be able to fit in and adapt.

No matter what sets you apart, people doesn't like confident individuals that stands out and especially not people in groups. So this is the time that the bullying after many years of me trying to joke it of got to me and I was on the phone with my mom on my way home from school, running, crying.. She said -"Max, this is the last time I will let this happen, you have no choice you´re going to come home and you are not going back. So this is when I dropped out of school...

What does all of this have to do with visualisation you may ask? Well, that day, I had 2 options. I could either go home, fall to the ground and give up, or I could go home and fight!

Not only do I do things my own way, but I also bring them to the extreme! So this was the time that I told myself that I wasn't only going to fight, I was about to show them, I was going to become something huge!

This is when MX Visuals was born ;) My first start up, at the age of 17.

MX Visuals The company that covers every visual need in the real estate business.

Everything from simple adjustments in cad drawings, advertisement and commercials for office spaces, smaller visualisations (even did a few smaller renders using Vray which I started to explore a little bit), to my main focus drone footage. Bringing usage of drones to the construction/real estate scene. Roof inspections, maintenance of drainage, construction and building documentation etc!

This was my thing, I was on track again! So after doing this along side with working on a construction sight half time, bartending on the weekends and having bought a small batch of drain pipes for cheap to sell with a margin in the evenings...

I was ready for my next big step.

Out of all these things I did back then when I was 17-18 years old, the one thing I enjoyed the most was when I got to sit down by my computer turn on some music and create things. That's what started it all off from the very beginning, and that was going to be my new main thing.

I look back at these pictures and even though they are pretty bad I can really appreciate them.

The way I solved all the problems and the way I got them to where I, at the time, thought they were great!

I knew there was still a lot more to learn and new doors to open if wanted to make it as a real architectural visualizer but I really needed someone to help me out and the steps got bigger and bigger after every challenge. This is when I heard of YRGO!

Talked with all the people from the scene I had any sort of relationship with, mostly architects, and it seemed like there was really only one option if I wanted to be amongst the top!

YRGO-Architectural Visualisation. Gothenburg, Sweden

I had a new goal! However there was one "small" problem. There were around 250 candidates and only about 30 places wich made my odds very, very tiny so I knew that if I really wanted this I would have to go back to high school again to get my high school degree and that idéa was not bringing back any good memories.. Fortunately for me, when I want something, I´m gonna get it and nobody can stand in my way! ;)

3 different schools, 5 Different Orientations and a lot of struggle later, I finally Got my Highschool Degree! And not only was I able to apply for the school, I was attended!

Early September of last year (2019) It was finally time to start, the thing I had been dreaming of for so many years! The opportunity to meet new creative people with inspiring stories, and the opportunity to grow!

This is the point were most of my classmates entries to this year's rookies awards begins.

Starting of with the first project of the year. After many hours of getting to know 3D Studio Max, Corona and Photoshop ect. our first challenge was to create an interior image that was inspired by or referring to a movie.

I choose 50 Shades of grey and planned on making a sensual New York skyline penthouse image.

I was very satisfied with the result, and so seems the teachers as well, especially with my workflow. Pretty sure it's all due to how I have worked earlier when playing around in Sketchup. I make a picture then I find everything that is a problem, wrong or could be improved and then I find a solution and repeat.

It´s a sort of self critique!

At this point I felt like I had at least a little bit of knowledge on how to work my way around a 3D program. From this point on I tended to focus on different skills in every project to learn as much as possible and not necessarily focus on creating the best images.

So here is some more images and what my focus was!

3D Modeling Project were my focus was on learning UVW Unwrap and I also heard that it isn´t worth trying to make the wool in 3d because it won´t turn out good and realistic, or you have to use hair and fur. So I took that as a challenge and I'd argue that my material is very similar to the original! Using  only a standard Corona material.

Concept hotel Group assignment. My first time digging into matte painting. Probably put about 70 layers on only the background to get that special south african air vibe with the hase and then creating a nice scenery for our tree top hotel.

First exterior and also from a hand drawn plans. I can admit that this is not one of the best images I have created. I put way to much time and effort into getting the house correct in 3d and the time ran away. So I learned something from that as well. Something else I wanted to really try out was to get that warm sales summer feeling but the result was not where I wanted it to be!


"2020:02:10"  Exclusive Degree AB

Over the winter holidays I had been hard at work planning out the release off some big things...                        One of my biggest and most exciting projects so far in life! Growing up amongst hard working entrepreneurs I have always wanted my own incorporated company and now I had finally saved up enough and was ready to invest... I present to you ;

"Exclusive Degree AB, started 02.10.2020 with the goal of providing Architecture, conceptual and product based renders and imagery with a focus on the experience and relationships. We want our clients to feel important and special."

My idéa is that my first company, MX Visuals, was a very personal, small but broad firm and now that I'm well on my way of  reaching my dream. My dream of becoming a very talented and humble archivizer, being able to travel the world, making connections and bringing peoples ideas to life. I thought this was the point to plant the seed.

A good company/business is just like a seed. It won´t turn into a tree at the moment you plant it, you need to put it in to the ground a long time before you want the tree to stand tall into the sky. It needs a little bit of water once in a while but most important is that you need to be patient.

I don't want this to be a thing in a long time. My plan is to do my best everyday to learn from, and work for, the best people and companies in the business to get a lot of knowledge, connections and a broad understanding for the scene.

My goal with Exclusive Degree is to have it in the background and mabe doing 1-2 smaller jobs a year on the side. Just to water the seed so that one day( 8-12 years from now ), I have a stable and healthy company with a good economical history ready to  grow into something big.

8 months ago I had never opened 3Ds Max or Corona ever and a month before that, what I did in Sketchup with vray was as advanced as child's coloring book.

Compare that with what I am doing now and the difference is out of this world, and I'm just so excited to see what's coming next! But first I need some deserved summer vacation ;) least a few days... haha

If you made it this far I would like to, from the bottom of my heart, give you a huge Thanks! This story means a lot to me and I hope you felt that. 

If you have any questions about me, the story or you just want to get in touch just send me an email at [email protected] and I will make sure to get back to you as soon as possible

I´m Maximilian Pelldén and this is my story.

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