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The Lil' Witch's Doll House - 3D Project

The Lil' Witch's Doll House - 3D Project

Charlotte Lily Vincent
by charlily on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hi! I am a current third year animation student studying 3D animation focusing on modelling and texturing. This project is part of my university work however is a passion project that I want to continue onwards to completion after university. It's a project combining Dolls and Witches!!

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The Lil Witch's Doll House 3D Project

 As a final year Animation student, I am currently focusing my attention and skills in modelling and texturing within the 3D pipeline. These are skills that I have enjoyed over my three years of 3D units at University. I decided to pick something that I am personally fascinated with to turn into a 3D project – a Doll’s House. However, I decided that I wanted to put a spin on it and create a ‘Little Witch’s Doll’s House’ as the prompt, which shall make designing a little more fun and interesting. Below are digital painting concepts of the dolls and an interior view of the Little Witch's doll house supper party.

The concept images below are an insight into the Little Witch’s paint job on her doll house. This is how I roughly want the doll house to look (of course with more rendering and a much better texture job). I thought this would be a fun and different approach to texturing as I get to explore both the realistic approach of the base original texture (on the left) and then the 'character's' texture on top (right) which is messy and painted on by the witch herself. Alongside this is a sticker sheet of the witch's stickers that she will use to decorate the doll's house with which will be included in the actual texturing of the model.


As this project is a part of my 3D unit during University, I had to create a modelling showreel for this unit and therefore decided to start out the project tackling the hardest assets first, but also the biggest somewhat most important assets. This is also my first introduction into subdivision modelling, my lecturer advised to model with this technique as it is industry standard and will also help me to create better models. I did research into the interior design of the doll house's furniture landing on the idea of 19th century gothic furniture, this also coincided nicely with the idea of using Victorian Peg Dolls for the dolls. I have so far modelled a (needs touching up) chimney mantelpiece, a long table, a Victorian peg doll, and the doll's house itself. This was a real challenge and I spent many times completely redoing elements as I kept learning how to approach modelling in faster, cleaner and more efficient ways which gave better results.

The showreel below showcases my completed models so far, and are only the beginnings of the rest of the assets needed to model for the entire project. I will be going back to these models regardless as there will definitely be room for improvements. My continued plan is to model the rest of the assets, texture them, and then at the penultimate stage place all these assets together to create a scene which will finally lead into a minimalistic animation short showcasing the finished models with a story to string it all together.

If you are interested in more of the makings currently, you are more than welcome to check out my university blog post on this project:

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