Aymeric Ruiz
by aymericruiz on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

My portfolio created for my graduation project at Syn Studio. Had a lot of fun building the world, elaborating a story and an art direction.

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The Princess

Only remaining descendant of the royal family, Princess Keyjadan has been highly trained since a young age, and is now ruling the empire under the image of her father, too old to stay in the politic sphere. Also in age of marriage, she has been particularly meticulous to reject, cancel or redirect by any ways the proposals made from the many families seeking alliance.

The Baron

One of the richest man of the nation, the Baron of Meyjik has been covering the military expanses of the empire for many years and hold a very influential position in the decision making of the kingdom. Particularly interested in the old technology originating from the Key’An age, he has lead many research to discover its secrets.

The Herd

From the small hamlet of the Veidrajyn Valley, the Herd spend his young years roving around the country building a reputation of a talented explorer. Later hired for his expertise by the Baron of Meyjik to find the lost artifacts of the Key’An age, he will soon find himself involved in a more complex scheme, discovering the numerous plots and conspiracies of the capital.

The Three-Headed God and his temple

Venerated as a god by the main religious group of Deijraen since he was found, the three-headed beast became more and more aggressive as he grew up until he was feared.

He has since remained locked up in a temple built in his honor. Each year a sacrifice is offered in exchange for his mercy.

Quarry of Traej

Abandoned for a long time, it was recently acquired by the the Baron of Meyjik who restarted the excavation work.

Rumors says that artifacts of the Key'An Age were found in the surrounding not long ago before the acquisition.

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