Lava-stonie-bird + Criminal skater boy

Lava-stonie-bird + Criminal skater boy

Pau Curto
by paupau98 on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Here are my second and third 3d project!

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So... how do I introduce myself... well I'm a Rookie 3d artist  from Barcelona who started developing his artistic-essence since September.

Let me introduce you my second 3d project I made, it was inspired from fantasy stories and some of that inspiration also came from World of Warcraft somehow. I think I kinda nailed what I had in mind though I'd like to add more precious stones to the 3d concept in the future.


My last project was meant to be in a more realistic scene, so I tried doing my best, what came to my mind when thinking of realistic scenes I had thought of the new game that still hasn't launched yet called cyberpunk, so I took some inspiration from that, and also I think I got inspired while playing Apex Legends in some way (it's from the same universe as Titanfall 1/2).

(I must add it lacks hair that I'm planning to add on later)

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