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Full Fathom Five

Full Fathom Five

Seth Cipriano
by sethcipriano on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hey everyone! I just finished my first semester at Think Tank. For my final project I had to choose a 2D concept and recreate it in 3D. I went with Matt Dixon's "Full Fathom Five" concept because I wanted to focus on texturing and really liked the challenge of lighting an underwater scene.

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To start off I decided that I wanted to go for a realistic feel while trying to stay true to the stylized aspects of form.

I grabbed a ton of real world reference for every main feature: Rocks, fish, chains, robots and underwater lighting. I also had some CG reference for style and feel, as well as to measure up against as a benchmark of quality.

Here's a few Look Dev slides of some of my assets. 

I modeled and textured the robot, modeled one of the rock's base meshes and made the other in Houdini. Rock textures and some displacement were from a Quixel asset. The particles were an FX sim I made in Maya, I'll be doing a quick breakdown of this on my Artstation soon! 

Responsible for Fish model and texturing. I used a combination of a diffuse texture from Texturing XYZ and some fish photos I graded and blended.

This asset was an incredibly valuable lesson. For one, it did not hit the quality benchmark I set. For two, because I was so focused on chasing perfection, I spent way too much time on it and had to cut corners on other things that were actually more important to me at the outset. And the cherry on top-- through all the revisions and total remodeling/re-sculpting of the fish, I totally lost track of whether or not this realistic version fit within the shape language of the rendering.

While I see this as a huge failure, it has helped me to identify larger patterns in my behavior as an artist working towards a deadline. I've already begun implementing checkpoints and questions to mitigate this tendency and look forward to improving other areas as well. 

A huge thank you to my Supervisor Darrell Abney and my classmates for all the support, guidance and feedback this semester! 

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