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Michele Ahn Portfolio 2020

Michele Ahn Portfolio 2020

by michelesahn on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hi everyone, these are the two characters I created in a span of ten weeks for my Demo Reel Term with Miguel Ortega. I want to thank Miguel, Tran Ma, Yinglei Yang, and all my fellow cohort for helping me dial in these two characters.

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This piece means a lot to me because I really wanted to do a piece that represented my Korean background. The artist Kim Hyun Jung has a series of pieces that show the modern Korean girl dressed in traditional Korean clothing, hanbok, and doing every day things. This is how I feel as a Korean-American, where I'm able to bring my Korean roots along my every day life.

I used zbrush, marvelous designer and maya to model

I textured mostly in mari, and a few minor pieces in substance painter

I rendered in vray

It was my first time trying to use animation to sim the clothing into pose in Marvelous Designer. The pose is so dramatically different from the A-pose, so I was surprised when the sim turned out really nicely. I would have to pause the animation from time to time to wait for the clothing to catch up with the model, but overall it was a painless process. I barely had to move the clothing after the animation was finished.

I used agisoft to scan burgers and fries. Really fun, but also very sick of eating burgers and fries.

The table cloth was a fun little exercise. I wanted to make sure that the UV shells were separated so later when I went into texturing, I could easily solo out the colors of each panel of the cloth. The little clothing pin was a new adventure too, I used origami principles to create it. I had so much fun pinning and folding, pinning and folding to create that little guy.

I used blend materials to get glitter on my nails and eye shadow, blend materials are my best friends now. My instructor Miguel Ortega, also taught us how to use a samplerInfo node to control how the shader would behave according to the camera. It was super effective in getting my nails and make up to behave iridescently as the camera moved around them.

This character was revisited, and I'm happy that I was able to wrap him up.

The clothing design is taken from Yunxiang Zhou, my good friend.

I textured in mari, rendered in vray and sculpted using zbrush, maya, and marvelous designer

I wanted to practice eyes for this model. I really wanted to convey an emotion even through his glasses. I added a little tint to the lens as well as a noise, and it brought a softness to his gaze

Vray fur is one of my favorite things to do so that it helps blur the silhouette of clothing. I did it for the hat and it really helped sell the shader

He has many layers of clothing on him, so it was a challenge in MD to get them to all coordinate with each other, but it was definitely a fun challenge (especially the straps on the apron) The success of the apron was turning gravity to 0 and pinning on every single fold.

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