Entry for The Rookies Awards 2020

Entry for The Rookies Awards 2020

Parth Bhagat
by parth97 on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hello, My name is Parth Bhagat and I am a self-taught artist from India. Here is a collections of my most recent work. I hope you all will enjoy it. Thank you

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Hello my name is Parth and I am a self-taught artist form India. Here are some of my favourite work. I hope you will enjoy them.

1. The first project is a concept for a complete autonomous main battle tank aka "The Equalizer". Also, there is a cabin that supports two soldiers that is specifically made for those who need more of a 'hands on' experience.

Quick initial base sketch.

Modeling process of the tank in 3ds max.

A base render done in Keyshot for further post processing in Photoshop.

The complete process of how I post processed the render in Photoshop.

A final front quarter view of the tank.

2. The second project is concept for a smart grenade named" Walker Grenade". It is specially designed for stealth missions.

This phase is named " Initialization". The grenade is activated by the soldier using his fingerprint. Only authorized personnel can use this grenade.

This phase is named "Progression". As soon as the grenade is thrown by the soldier  it activate its sensors. Then a official in the HQ operates the grenade manually and helps it to navigate to the destined location. It is done easily since there is no time limit for detonation.

As soon as the grenade reaches its destination, the handler immediately pushes the trigger remotely form HQ and the grenade detonates releasing  the poisonous gas. Also, it can be used to release any sort of material.

3. The third project is a concept for surveillance jet named "SkyJet". 

Here is a fully rendered image of the jet external appearance. This project started as a 3D modeling practice which later developed into a concept jet.

Here are the orthographic views of the vehicle.

Here is a sneak peak of how the jet would look like when it is resting on its landing base specifically designed for it.

Here is the complete view of the jet with the base. The base is named " MAD aka Magnetic Anti-Derailer".

Orthographic views of MAD

Information regarding MAD

Here is a render to show the interaction between the duo. Also, the jet doesn't have any landing gear. Instead it uses the magnetic core at its base to interact with MAD.

4. Last but not the least , here is a project that I made to speculate how would Optimus Prime look in its vehicle form if the roles of Autobots and Decepticons were reversed. This project is inspired from "Transformers- Shattered Glass" series.

Base model made in 3ds max.

Some renders that I took of the model. These were rendered in Iray in Substance Painter.

Here are some final renders that are post-processed in Photoshop.

Thank you everyone for sparing some time to have a look at my work.

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