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Nordic interior

Nordic interior

Lisa Jørgensen
by lisa on 5 Apr 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

In my entry you will see my two main personal projects within 3D architectural visualization. My main focus for both projects has been practicing the full general pipeline of a 3D interior scene. I have tried combining my 3D practicing with my passion for furniture and interior design.

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Modern Living Room


As one of my latest work I made this living room to challenge myself to model a lot of different elements and playing around with different materials. 

Post editing

I made this living room and tried focusing on when to stop before moving on to the post edit process in Photoshop. I’ve noticed I tend to spent a lot of time trying to get the final raw render to be very precise in stead of saving some time and just use photoshop to correct the final render.

Below is a slider from the final raw render to the final edited images. I used some time to color correct, adjust the contrast and adding some noise to make it more photo realistic.


I’ve used a lot of time on the materials to get it as realistic as possible. Especially the chrome, velvet fabric and the carpet took time. To get the chrome more realistic I used V-ray blend material to blend the chrome material with some scratches and finger prints bitmap (below left). The velvet fabric was made with a mix of fall-out materials and cellular bump map to get the characteristic color change of velvet (below right). For the carpet I used V-ray fur material.

Night scene

I also made a night render to challenge myself with the light setting in 3ds Max. I made the scene dark and rainy to set a mood. This is my first night scene and it was a bit challenging. Slide below to compare with the raw render.

J81 / Designer Chair


These following renders displays the J81 chair designed by Jørgen Bækmark in a concrete basement. I made this project to challenge myself and to practice my 3D skills in a piece of furniture that I admire.

Material challenge

The greatest challenge in this project was the seating of the chair. I tried both modelling the rope and applying it as a texture on splines. I ended up using the last method to save the amount of polygons. To get the right shape of the rope texture and to avoid repeatable patterns to appear, I had to make a system of the rope texture with multiple different offsets, tiling and color gradients - see below. 

Post editing

Below is my main raw render displayed - slide to compare with the final result. I played mostly with the contrast and the light coming in from the window to give it a more interesting final look.

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