Compositing Showreel

Compositing Showreel

Casper Franz Løvgren Steinsland
by stonesland on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Here are some shots from both personal projects and school assignment I have done the past year for May 2020 showreel at Kristiania University College in Norway (formerly Westerdals). My main focus is compositing in Nuke, but have experience in Maya to create my own 3D scenes and PFTrack as well as on-set work.

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Steinsland Showreel 2020

A showreel with some of the shots I have done so far this year for The Rookies Award 2020. Sadly ongoing productions are not done by the deadline of The Rookies. In this reel you see what I have done up to now. 

Soundtrack is Battlefield V Legacy Theme, and is copyrighted to Electronic Arts and created by Johan Söderqvist and Patrik Andrén. I just liked it so I used it as soundtrack on my reel. 

Landing Zone

This shot is a part of another entry, named Landing Zone. Here however, I have done some alterations by some last minute feedback and something I discovered too late. 

You can read about the shot by following this link

Keep in mind there are difference in the versions. In the one you see on the reel it was rendered out as gamma 2.2 from Nuke, compared to sRGB in entry 5865 "Landing Zone". The LUT is also a bit different, same with the grade on the character along with ash in the atmosphere.

I chose to present it at the start frame.

I am responsible for filming of the plate, animation, lightning, integration and everything except the Seahawk as asset, since it was created by Rohr 3D Solutions from CGTrader. 

Max Manus

This was a keying shot we got from our school. It was originally meant as a shot in a big Norwegian film named Max Manus, however the shot was scrapped. We got the files from Storm Studios- a VFX studio Westerdals (now part of Kristiania University College) has a close relationship to. 

In this shot I was responsible for keying, matchgrade and integration. I learned 3D projection since the entire background you see is projected on a 3D model we got from Storm Studios. There was a lot of errors in it, and I learned how to use EditGeo to fix it (by learned I mean not to use it in the future and patch it with roto and cards instead).

The slider above shows the keying. From the second image to the third the shot has gone through some edge extend quality control to make the edges better. 

The original shot did not have 2:35 crop bars, and was added by me because I really like 2:35 crop bars.

South by Southeast

The inspiration for this shot is the legendary film North by Northwest (hence the name South by Southeast). A classmate and I filmed the plate at an athletics park in Oslo. The plane was a free model by Carlo Cestra found on Turbosquid. 

The shot is originally an on-set exercise where we go out with full VFX on-set kit; greyball, chromeball, colourchecker and Fisheye camera and an BlackMagic URSA Mini Pro. This shot was done quite early on the course and we didn't fully know how to take HDRI 360. I had to enhance the render in Nuke because of it. 

I am responsible for animation and lightning of the plane (Maya), tracking (PFTrack) and compositing (Nuke). Everything except creating the 3D asset.

When dragging the slider you see there is a minor difference between plate a final due to my roto. That was done by purpose because I didn't like the artefacts the motionblur created on that frame. 

The plate was filmed based on a previz I did. 

Postviz followed after the shoot.


The final version was slightly different from the previz. However, it gave my classmate who I used as the camera operator to understand how he was going to operate the camera (I was the guy running in full suit). With the previz we could easier communicate of where I was suppose to be in the frame at the giving time.

The image plane is a still photo from location taken some days before the shoot. 

The previz also shows my modelling skills. I created the rectangle and the cones along with the ground. Awesome right :) !!!

Disclaimer: As mentioned above, I am not responsible for CG assets. In Max Manus I have included the Storm Studios and official (norwegian) Westerdals Kristiania University College logo because they hold the rights to the shot and have not worked on the film Max Manus (I was 8 when it came out). 

Again. The Max Manus assignment did not have 2:35 crop bars, but I really like it, and since it is an exercise assignment I think I am in the clear. 

I have no professional experience in any Visual Effects studio, nor being paid to have done Visual Effects.

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