3D characters and props

3D characters and props

Mugur-Eugen Colin
by mugur on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

These are 4 of the projects that I am most proud of that I made during 2 years of school at Digital Arts and Entertainment.

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Zeus - ancient Greek God of the skies and thunder

   This is my latest project that I made and the most intense one this far, I learned a lot about the pipeline and I am looking forward to more projects like this in the future. I tried to focus on the stylized look and how well it can be implemented in a game.

Please enjoy.

   This character has around 9k polys and 2 textures, one for the clothes and armor and another one for the character himself. The reason for this is the ease of changing clothes and items without  wasting texture space. 

The concept for this character belongs to Kunwen Xu and here is the reference.

   The Nailsmith is a concept that I picked form Hollow Knight for my first 3D creature project. I learned a lot working on it and it was a fun project.  

I had 2 main images that I found to use as reference by Cherry Studio.

Death's Bite

   For this model I did my own design and hand painted it, only using emission for the runes and the sharp part of the axe. The design is inspired by the World of Warcraft style.  

   For the design I just did silhouettes and refined the final a bit in the end to give me a better idea for what I am going for.

Realistic Rifle 

   I created this prop with a PBR workflow in mind. I created an item that the player can hold and look at from up close for a realistic game.

   This model ended up having 14 k Triangles due to the detail level I went for. Most of them used for round edges.

I only used Zbrush to blend the high poly shapes together to seem welded in a natural way.  

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