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FACES. Superman, Palpatine and Frankenstein| 2020 Projects

FACES. Superman, Palpatine and Frankenstein| 2020 Projects

by darthkgeorge on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hi guys! :) These are the projects I made during last year related to one of my favourite topics: Faces! I am responsible for all the visual aspects of the artworks, except for the concept art of course. Hope you like them :)

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My main goal during this project was to learn skin shading and explore a realisitic render pipeline


My main goal with this project was to practice my likeness sculpting skills. Had a blast working in this one as he is my favourite Star Wars character


Here is my final render of Frankenmeanie based on the amazing concept by garylaibart. This was the first time I made something based on concept art so it was a great learning experience.

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