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Scene - Discovery

Scene - Discovery

Joshua C. Hermanto
by aerylus on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Self-thought 3D artist. This is my very recent 3D personal work that managed to push my boundaries a lot more than I expected.

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For this project, I want to create a small scene about an odd rabbit searching of his past and discover a link about himself, hoping to find an answer what he is.

Render Scene Breakdown

Asset Breakdown

Aqua's Character Model Breakdown

For this character creation, I have Aqua's character turnaround to smoothly progress sculpting in ZBrush for base body and ready to import it into Maya for retopology. After looking guidance topology from Youtube and reference carefully topologize the character to make good deformation to animate.

For his attire, I've created in Maya after retopology due to faster workflow for this character and managed to detail in ZBrush. After that, I've import the model from ZBrush to Substance Painter (with prepared UV Mapping) to begin the baking and texturing process.

After applying material to the character, I continue the process to rigging the character with help of AdvancedSkeleton5 plug-in. After watch several tutorial videos from Youtube,  I've managed to finish the rigging in several days to ready for posing.

After done posing in the scene, I begin to make a procedure of XGen in Maya for fur simulation for first time. I decided to make this workflow due to my mistake at time-managing and fear of XGen may not work properly after rigging. (I've heard Yeti plug-in works far better for animating.) Due to time-crunch and a lot of guidance in blog and Youtube, I've managed to push my boundary to finish grooming within 2 days.

Props Breakdown

For the prop creation I've created several crest for the book cover. Each book has it's own design, implying he's trying to find out something from it.  The crest itself made from Adobe Illustrator and apply it through Photoshop though UVLayout manually for precision alpha mapping in Substance Painter. The book models and glass bowled candle created in Maya with some reference and textured in Substance Painter.


Through this personal project, I've learn more 3D in many different aspect, such as AdvancedSkeleton5, Arnold, XGen, and even ZBrush in a span of short time. Though, I really enjoy the process and at some point manage to push my boundary several times from this project.  At the end of it, I'm very satisfied with the result and managed to pull trough myself more than I expected to finish this project.

The only regret from this project is that I can't managed to make turnaround for this contest due to deadline and has very slow render time to make it.

Thank you for the time, and have a nice day!

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