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Adam Bohorquez
by 3D work: Alumx, Cleanup and Color: Kaylan Peattie, Cleanup and Color: Luca Lococo-Victore, Music and sound design: Ruairi O'Brien, and adambohorquez on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

4th year thesis film made at SVA, in which a mysterious fella wanders a winter wasteland in search of quarters.

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Completed Film:

Work in Progress Cut:

This version of the film was when it was about 3/4 complete, with shots ranging from storyboard drawings to fully composited.

Storyboard Sample:

Some parts stayed just as they are in the boards (like inside of the hut), while others changed a lot (like his journey to the city). 

Character Design:

I love simple characters since they're quick to draw, and I think they look interesting on top of more complicated backgrounds. The challenge was to find ways for him to emote without eyes or a mouth, so the shape of the glasses ended up conveying a lot of that.

Color Script:

The idea was to have an overall cold color palette (with tiny bits of warmth with the pink birds), so the intense color of the sticker machine would be more impactful.

Shot Process:

Here is each stage that this shot went through, starting from storyboard, then rough animation over 3D scratch render, then final 3D render with 2D assets, and final composited shot. The workflow for the snow scene was the hardest part to figure out, but I was able to collaborate with a talented 3D artist to figure out a method that worked.

Background Process:

Here's the process for the backgrounds in a few shots, and how they were used in the film. I love drawing clutter and electronics which is why I wanted to have a lot of that.

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