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Bridgecrosser Original Concept Art

Bridgecrosser Original Concept Art

Emily Hallett
by emilyhallett on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Currently studying at CDW Studios, my entry explores an original character concept from a world I am building.

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Bridgecrosser original character concept art - "Fornax" 

Bridgecrosser is the title of a little video game concept I've been toying with but only recently began to bring to life. This concept art is of my character Fornax, one of the two playable protagonists of Bridgecrosser. The game involves the player swapping between Fornax and his yet-to-be-named love interest, as the player takes them through separate storylines to reunite the two after being torn from each other by an evil force.

Fornax is an elven fire mage, his name translating to “the furnace” in Latin, deriving inspiration for his inferno abilities. 

I explored different clothing concepts in my thumbnails, from simple "farmer-like" garb to ornamental armor. 

For his attire colour palette, I aimed to avoid colour schemes that are recognizable on other popular elf characters, such as green with yellow. Instead, I settled on purple and gold as inspired by the colour of his flames, and his cloaktails are embroidered with golden flame decal. I took my own photos to create the material swatches. 

I mocked-up a simple bust in ZBrush to help support my 2D concept art and bring the idea of a video game character to life.

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