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ANAN the Robot

ANAN the Robot

Nizar Anan
by nizar on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

This is Anan the Robot, my first Hardsurface personal project. Made by Nizar A. ANAN.

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Hello Rookies, This is my first Hardsurface Personal project. Three months of work and studies, using multiple programs on a relatively old laptop. Since I didn't have a better computer to work on, some sacrifices and optimizations were made. Enjoy.

I was mainly inspired by two artists, Edon Guraziu and Alex Senechal. the two talented artists made it extremely easy for me to imagine a story and a universe for this Robot, that hopefully, I will expand on in the near future. 

The modeling was done with Fusion 360 and Maya, over 600 parts and pieces textured in substance painter, rigged, and animated in Maya, while the look development was in MAYA Arnold.

The challenges were of course trying new programs like Fusion 360. but the biggest challenge was working with an old laptop with one dusty screen while quarantined in a medical facility,  but with the motivation I get from my family and friends and seeing the whole situation as a challenge to overcome, made it an enjoyable journey, with a result that I am proud of. Thank you for reading and I hope you liked this lil robot of mine.

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