3D Weapons & Environments

3D Weapons & Environments

Filip Izydorczyk
by izy on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

I started my adventure with #D graphic design 3 years ago and already have made couple of videogames. Today I'd like to present to you some of my artwork. These (except of course AKM) are fully designed and made by me in recent years.

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Mysterious Basement [UE4]

The first project is the Mysterious Basement that I made during some free time during holidays. It started off with me wanting to make a cursed wardrobe with a chain wrapped around it, but it quickly turned into the whole, small enviro with some chairs, tentacle coming out of a drawer and suspicious hole in a wall behing one of the vine cabinets.

The Textile Shuttle Launcher

This is my latest piece. I made it for a graphic design competition in my hometown. The topic was
"An Item  Design - Textile Shuttle Launcher", so I designed and made a big crossbow, that instead of bolt uses shuttles as projectiles.

The main idea is, when the victim is hit by the shuttle, two hidden blades emerge from it. Than the shooter can pull the enemy closer thanks to the reel - just like with a fishing rod.

In the back of a crossbow is a little house, where a small gnome named Thimbletack lives.
In the process of hard-surface modelling I thought to myself how to make this weapon more unique and interesting. I realized, that somehow when I think of textiles, old things and fantasy, gnomes are very fitting. So I got inspired by The Spiderwick Chronicles book and imagined a little gnome living there, looking just like the one in illustrations of the book.

That way, if the weapon got to be placed in some videogame there is a potential for some deeper lore and engage Thimbletack in some reloading animations etc.

The Weaponsmith's Workshop

One of my first scenes that I made in order to learn some principles about composition and setting a mood for a scene. I wanted to make a place that isn't just "another blank location", but breathe a little life into it by leaving a still smoking cigarrete, spilled drink and some more on the table for the viewer to see that somebody happened there.

AKM Assault Rifle

The first bigger graphic project that I made, thanks to Tim Bergholz's tutorial. I learned a tone from it about the whole process of making a high quality, game-ready asset.

That's all I'd like to present! It ain't much but it's honest work!
Thank you for looking through my submission and have a nice day!

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