My growth as an artist

My growth as an artist

by netzahre on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

From creating Twelve blades to deeving deeper into fantasy concepts and illustrations

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Hi, my name is Esther, i've decided to bring here today both my best concept work from my school project "Twelve blades" and my best personal work both concept and illustration wise. The plan is to showcase not only my ideas and designs but also my growth as an artist from 2018/9 to today, 2020.

Twelve blades is a project about a fantasy japan where techonology has advanced incredibly quick while society got stuck behind in the period of geishas, samurais and shoguns. A society where gods live among men and people modify themselves both for beauty and usefulness. 

My main vision was focused on more biological implants, leaving the classic robotic ones on a support role instead of the main focus. I also wanted to focus more on the geishas and how they might modify themselves to work, live and fit into a society where these addons are an everyday theme

below you can see some thumnails ideas made by creating some "generic" assets beforehand through the use of a single shape, modified and adjusted to better fit what I intended it for.

Due to my intentions to focus on the Geishas, my building and interior designs were focused around a theater, trying to mix more modern elements on the outside like led lights with traditional architecture. On the inside I kept the idea more traditionally focused, allowing only slightly tech-like elements on a couple fans, the dresser and the scenery where floating lights would be used

I also had to design a vehicle, and to do so I decided to focus on the classic rickshaw while adding futuristic elements like wheels that use magnets and a gps-like technology. I wanted to stay withing a group of colors to make clear these vehicles belong to the theater designed already so I made warm, red-like colors the main focus. I also added some classic japanese elements like protection from curses.

I also created a single simple illustration, my first idea was to try showcase the change between rural zones and cities, at the end it looks like a calm piece with maybe a bit too much orange about a geisha being scorted by a samurai.

At the end of my project for Universal Arts School I developed character ideas and concepts. these are the figures and lineart designs before I picked my favorite idea aided by Jorge Momparler. My then concept art teacher.

At the end we focused on a character to bring to full render. Mine is a young, new Meiko who I imagined being a bit of a mess and trying to stay on top of japan newest trends to achieve fame. I first created some color variations, then a render and finally an acting trying to portray her personality

After finishing studying concept art I also created personal pieces. I wish to include them here to show how much I've grown as an artist since I created these first concepts. Due to starting to study 3d I didnt had the time or ability to develop a lot of concept art so even if I consider it a better job, I want to showcase it now at the end as a farewell, to leave twelve blades behind as I keep growing.

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