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by rassoul and toast1709 on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

A wealthy man is chased from his home by a giant mechanical killer robot

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SEEKER is a film made by a team of 3rd year VFX students over the course of 13 weeks, our goal was to create a sequence of photorealistic shots that could be part of a feature film. 

We shot the film and created the assets ourselves, using our teams different strengths to create the best film we could in our time frame. We decided to use various invisible effects to help create a stronger narrative.

Director: Rassoul Edji
Producer: Tosin Ogunleye (Me)
Comp Lead: Matteo Balduzzi

3D Artists:
Oscar Lowe
Rassoul Edji

2D Artists:
Matteo Balduzzi
Luca Valentino
Vincenzo Meola
Tosin Ogunleye
Milan Grundza

Animation was done by Rassoul Edji and CJ Burbage
Rig was made by Tim Coleman

Our hero asset was inspired by Pacific Rim and Transformers

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