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Environment Artist: Assim Kamuka

Environment Artist: Assim Kamuka

assim kamuka
by assimkamuka on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Featuring my best environment work from 2020. The first environment a World War 1 scene inspired by Richard Jack's painting. The second is inspired by water caves and japanese gardens.

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World War 1 CG Environment

This project was inspired by Richard Jack's World War 1 painting 'The Battle Of Vimy Ridge'. I drew inspiration from the composition of the piece with a busy foreground pointing to the background, specifically using the cannons.

This piece was created in Maya, where I used the sculpting brush to add height to the mesh, and the I went over it using a stamp brush to add variation and deformations to the terrain. This helped break up the muddy texture and make it seem more natural rather than tileable. 

Using Maya's Mash network I scattered small rocks, sticks and trees onto the terrain, I also hand placed some pre - made assets such as ammo crates, shells and barbed wire.

I also used a AiRange no to adjust the roughness values for the mud texture to have more control over it, swipe to see how it looks without the Airange node.

Taking the 3D render into Nuke, I composited a sky and using the Z Depth pass I added a defocus and a thin layer of atmosphere to make the scene more interesting.

To break up the reputation of assets used I changed the angles of the cannons slightly and placed a piece of cloth generated with ncloth on top of one the cannons as if it was out of service or still being set up.

I also modelled and textured the trench in hopes of adding some dead bodies in there soon

Here are some research from World War 1 photographs, and some from pop culture productions, 'Battlefield 1' and 'Wonder Woman' 

'Chill Spot' Water Cave Project

Final Grade for the Water Cave project.

Different grade variation I experimented with, a warm version, a extreme light ray version, and a toned down version.

Some inspiration and research.

Originally I tried to create the water cave by sculpting on a plane and then bending it and merging it with other planes, however this didn't work and since it was such highpoly it was difficult to reposition and edit.

I then started over by placing a cylinder and then positioning it how I want, then I started sculpting on it giving me this result.

I experimented with different cliff textures to see which one would work best.

Texture winner.

Just adding and refining assets, the mossy rocks, lily pads and wood planks were outsourced from megascans, and the shrine from kitbash.

The water was created using Maya's BOSS network to generate small waves

The volumetric light was created using aronld atmosphere and allowing it only interect with a spotlight in the scene, no other light

I decided to create my own planks instead of using megascan's ones, so I textured them alongside the shrine in Substance Painter 

I created 4 variation of branches using Maya's paint effects tool, and then pushed them along a curve generated from the water cliff. 

The trees were created using Speedtree.

Atmosphere and defocus was generated using the Z Depth pass in Nuke

Dust Particles were small meshes scattered onto a  cone using Mash.

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