Karim Diouf
by Baptiste Tassin , Marine Dieval, diegomaggioreart, and karimdiouf on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Ever wonder where the statues from Easter Island come from and who buildt them? A very short film that reveals the secrets around the mysterious Easter Island.

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Hey, this is our Entry for the Film of the Year category!


This very short film was done at MoPA school (Supinfocom Arles) and was realised in the span of 2 months, during the lockdown with a team of 4 people :Baptiste Tassin, Diego Maggiore, Marine Dieval and myself Karim Diouf.

The original story is from Baptiste Tassin, it talks about the mystery around Easter Island's statues and their (hidden) origins. 

We really enjoyed working on this project and hope you'll enjoy watching it !

Full film

Pre Production

Color Board by Marine Dieval and Storyboard by Baptiste Tassin

Early concept / visual development by Marine Dieval

Props Design for the chess pieces. (First slide done By Baptiste Tassin, second and third by Karim Diouf)

The challenge was to keep the very recognisable Moaïs design and mix it with chess pieces design to make a coherent Chess game set. We explored a lot to find the final design and found a lot of fun Moaï statues references.

This is Horace, the loosing giant. He's very impulsive and impatient but he's a good lad.  

Design by Baptiste Tassin

Larry, the winning giant. He's the opposite of Horace, very chill and patient, probably why he wins every time... 

Design by Karim Diouf


These were the first shading test we did. We textured with Substance Painter and use Arnold aitoon for the rendering and shading to have this 2d looking effect.

All aspets by Karim Diouf

All chess pieces. 

Done with Zbrush, Maya, Substance Painter and Arnold renderer.

Post Production

All the backgrounds were done in 2d painting and added during the compositing 

Horace modeling and texturing by Diego Maggiore

Larry modeling and texturing by Karim Diouf

Grass and 2d Backgrounds by Marine Dieval

Credits :

Baptiste Tassin : Storyboard, Character and Props Design, Animation, Sound Design, 2D Fx, Video Editing

Marine Dieval : Colorboard, Concept Art, Backgrounds, Props Texturing, Animation, Compositing

Diego Maggiore : Character and Props Modeling, Character and Props Texturing, Water Fx, Compositing

Karim Diouf : Character and Props Modeling, Character and Props Texturing, Shading, Lighting, Rendering

Jérémie Esperet : Music

Copyrights MoPA School 2020

Thanks for watching! :D

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