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Creature Design- Dusk and Heraldic Dragon Concepts

Creature Design- Dusk and Heraldic Dragon Concepts

Grace Surmon
by gracesurmon on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Howdy! I'm a second year at CDW Studios/Flinders University, and these are two of my creature concepts. I love weird animals and designing them!

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Until this year, all I had modelled in 3d where study heads and a single bad attempt at a monster, but towards the end of the 2019 I started to really love the workflow of zbrush, especially for bashing out concepts and achieving a level of finish I could pretty much never achieve in 2d alone. So, I signed up to do a creature design unit, and the prompt for the semester ended up being dragons, which have been a HUGE passion of mine basically since birth (For my year 7 personal project I sculpted an eastern and western dragon, which was very satisfying to be able to come full circle on here!) So I decided to really really hit it hard and try to make some creatures which I was super proud of using some aesthetics which I love, and try to get to know character/creature modelling better at the same time.

The first was my attempt at an eastern style dragon, which I’ve always found really difficult to draw so it thought it would be the perfect opportunity to have a go in 3d, where the twisting stranger perspective could be better handled. I mostly wanted to capture that moment of seeing the most amazing, but subtle sunset, as well as having a go at making a really cute kids character. My main focuses where to make the character evocative of some of the animal reference I had, recognisable as an eastern style dragon, legitimately friendly looking, featuring a strong colour shift and to take advantage of the unique build of these types of dragon designs and play with the posing. 

My second dragon was me using some of my favourite animal references for creature designs, but experimenting more with the stylisation. I was trying to go for the feel of a middle ages heraldic beast, so tried to keep tow the line between creepy and ever so slightly silly. This one I wanted to keep more simple in terms of materials but play a bit more with painting and attempting to evoke a specific style. 

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