Devil's Pawn Veigar

Devil's Pawn Veigar

Marco Serrao
by marcoserrao on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

A Skin Concept for the League of Legends Character Veigar!

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Character Skin Concept

This is my skin concept for my favorite League of Legends character Veigar!
Below you can see the final concept in a front and back view as well as how it could look ingame.

Research and Exploration

Since the skin idea is based on the "Little Devil Teemo" already existing in the game, it is time to make some research before facing the scary blank canvas.

It is now time to explore how the Devil Theme fits into the character of Veigar!
To do so I took his personality as well as his base design into consideration which can be summed up as follows: Little edgelord who tries really hard to be evil.
And so I leaned hard into the edge factor.


I also wanted to have at least a rough idea of how this skin's abilities could look like.
After some research and breakdown of Veigar's abilities, I animated them in a rough way to capture the core idea

NOTE: I only created the "Devil's Pawn Veigar" as a fan skin for the Demon / Devil skin line in League of Legends.
Everything else (The Characters Teemo and Veigar, Little Devil Teemo Skin, UI and Background) belongs to Riot Games.

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