Black cat & Bonefire

Black cat & Bonefire

Vitalii Yunko
by yunko on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Greetings, my name is Vitalii, and with this entry I what to share my first steps in 3D, rather than compete with anyone.

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I've started my 3D journey with brute force trying poly modeling everything in the world. To say it was horrible is to say nothing. Later I spent a lot of time sculpting characters. Realizing that I now nothing about retopology, UV or texturing, I decided to put it in long box and come back when process will be less frustrating from technical point of view. That's how I started to make a black cat.

He is a bit chunky, he made me crazy in a lot of creation steps, but he looks like a cat, and I really love him. I tried to rig him, and managed to put out few possess from the process. However it forced me to redo a lot of steps. What I learned... Never to put hair/fur before anything else is done. I remade his fur so many times, I can probably do it with closed eyes now.

His nose and ears lucking proper texture. I was mad at him, at me, at the world, but he also brings me joy. Just look on his meme potential =)

Just 3 week ago I started new project, with dedication to make some good textures, so I jumped into substance painter for the first time. I decided to make a "bone"fire since I'm a huge fun of the Dark Souls franchise. 

I was modeling bones for a few days, even made a full rib cage, which I didn't use in final render because in was too much bones to look good. At some point a decided that it will be cool if sword will stuck in skull eye. So I started to model it.

After tweaking bonfire and texturing I managed to pull out this result

The technical maps

After creating a model of the bonfire, I wanted to bring it to life by making it burn. I've simulated very nice flame, but it was causing my texture to flicker a lot. My good guess is that it's linked to the fire density in simulation. At this point I am not satisfied with the result, but it will burn properly soon =)

These are not my best works, these are all the works I have at the moment. Thanks to everyone who read it to the end =) See you all on rookies 2021.

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