Ronit Roy
by ronroy on 3 Apr 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

This was made for my first semester final at Think Tank. Hope you like it!

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Sir Gregor had been the revered captain of the royal guard up until the day he was attacked by the ruthless killer who was currently running amok. The fight had cost him an eye and forced him into a sabbatical. Today was supposed to be the day that things turned around. He was ready to go back to work and track down the killer but to his shock he was deemed unfit for duty by most of his compatriots. Completely dejected by his situation, he headed back to the cellar of the bar where he had been spending most of his time the past month; hiding, ashamed of being trounced by the still unnamed criminal. He tossed a coin to the bartender and grabbed his favorite glass. Downstairs, he collected all the booze and food he could find preparing to drown his sorrow. He added a mark to his tally, counting each day passed since his subjugator had scarred him.

Based on a concept by Cody Gramstad

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