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Megaplex 42

Megaplex 42

Travis O'Connor
by 04b on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Megaplex 42 is the combined setting of two of my capstone projects at Vertex School: Folkvangr, and Baphomet. It was the process of mood-boarding and iterating on regular feedback that made it all come together. None of this would have been possible without the mentorship of Ryan Kingslien and Simon Fuchs.

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I went into Folkvangr with little concept beyond the idea that I liked the setting of a megaplex, and that I wanted to pull inspiration from an original tabletop role-playing setting  created by some friends of mine for fun. Having no specific source material to follow, as well as a very limited knowledge of color theory and composition at the time, that setting allowed me to conjure up a narrative quickly while I focused on iterating, mood-boarding, and ultimately producing content on-time.

For those interested, I do talk about the process at length on my artstation. (/redcell)

I actually had a lot of people ask how I went about building the tarp-covered bodies in Folkvangr, so I was quite happy to put together a short breakdown of that workflow. Being mostly self-taught myself, every little breakdown and tutorial I could get my hands on was invaluable, so it meant a lot to be able to get out of my shell and leave some bread crumbs of my own.


If Folkvangr was the epicenter of the crime-scene, Baphomet was going to be the escape route.  The whole project was a sprint if ever there was one, and I once again have to thank Ryan Kingslien as well as my fellow students for the wealth of guidance and feedback that got me through. 

The logos and graffiti were another fun task, full of Easter-egg style homages to musical inspirations, inside jokes, and friends I've collaborated with in the past. I particularly enjoyed working on the Baphomet logo, imagining a megacorp that tries to leverage the controversial imagery as an analog for post-humanism, while doubling down with some 6's and a triangle to parody (or perhaps provoke) conspiracy theorists. While the genre's themes can be controversial for the sake of thought-provocation, this company goes out of its way to do the same purely for publicity.

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