Diego Porral - 2D Animation Reel

Diego Porral - 2D Animation Reel

Diego Porral Soldevilla
by diegoporral on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hi! This is my Animation Reel after graduating from Gobelins last summer. It mainly features school exercises or shots from graduations films, either my own (Blind Eye) or ones I helped out on my first year at Gobelins. I hope you like it!

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2D Animation Demo Reel.

Hi! I'm Diego Porral, a Spanish 2D animator currently living in London.

Last summer I graduated from Gobelins L'École de L'Image and this is the Animation Reel I presented to my Graduation Jury.

Some of the animations are school exercises and some are part of graduation films from Gobelins, either from my own film or from some films made by my seniors in which I had the pleasure to help out.

I hope you enjoy it!

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