X-Knight Legacy

X-Knight Legacy

Thoshak Kumar
by thoshak1lusheff on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

X-Knight Legacy is a 2D dark Fantasy Game with turn-based gameplay

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Project X-knight is a 2D Dark Fantasy tactical turn based. Players will have control over multiple characters with different attacks and skills. Players will decide the best moves for their party member and achieve their goal.

This game is still in development.


The Kingdom of Oskad came into contact with a powerful artifact. Out of fear and wanting the power for themselves The Xevaria Empire Hires a Mercenary Knight by the name of Stephan Leeford to infiltrate Oskad and retrieve the artifact. This mercenary was not only a dark knight of Oskad but also the former Head Knight of the BlackGuard. An elite group of Dark Knight that are trained to destroy their foes.

The Xevaria Empire Assign a Spy To assist the knight in his mission.The spy is Xevaria’s Top spy that goes by William Manning. However, trouble lurks in every corner and our heroes must uncover the truth about the kingdoms.


Single player

Navigation in non-combat mode

Tactical turn based in combat mode

Party system

RPG Elements

This Project took 2 months

Concept Art

Character Design

UI Flow

Gameplay Screenshots



Lead: Thoshak 

Assistent Lead: Mukil

Lead Programmer: Trieu

Pow Wei Jie


Julia Chan

Lead Animator: Pinak


Lead Artist: Vladimir




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